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This page contains links to resources (such as video, audio, and books) that we recommend to help members of Grace Church Gateshead grow as Christians. For simplicity they are grouped into three categories; head, heart, and hands. Make sure you use resources from all three categories, as the Christian life is about following Jesus in everything; what we think and know (head); our character and feelings (heart), and how we live/what we do (hands). We also have a couple of sections at the end on the family and Christian classics.

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Within each section, resources are arranged in order from those recommended for new Christians (or those wanting to strengthen their foundations), through to more advanced resources for mature believers. Please note that although we heartily recommend everything below, we do not necessarily agree 100% with them on everything; the views of authors and speakers below do not necessarily represent the views of Grace Church Gateshead.

Resources marked (L) are recommended for people interested in church leadership.

Above all, please make sure you are following a good plan for daily Bible reading. For help with daily Bible reading, read this excellent article, and then pick a Bible reading plan (including options for mobile or podcast) that suits you here.


52 Stories of the Bible – A great teaching series through the Bible’s story. Audio.

Foundations – Foundations of living and growing as a Christian. Audio.

New City Catechism – A great way to learn the basics of the Christian faith. Website/app.

How to Study Your Bible – Tools for studying the Bible. Audio.

Christian Beliefs: 20 Basics Every Christian Should Know – A great little book on twenty core Christian doctrines, showing where in the Bible each one is taught. Book.

God’s Big Picture – short, simple introduction to how the whole Bible fits together. Book.

Knowing God – Who is God and what is He like? A classic book on the doctrine of God. Book.

Church History: A Crash Course for the Curious – This is an excellent, easy to understand introduction to church history, from the early church to the 21st Century. Book.

Systematic Theology -This is a thick book on Christian doctrine, but very readable and highly recommended. Book.

The Mission of God -This in-depth book gives a great guide to the big picture of the Bible, showing how it all ties together. Book.

Christian Apologetics – Bible college/seminary level course on defending the Christian faith. Audio.

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought – Bible college/seminary level course on philosophy and Christian thought through the ages. Audio.

Church History – Bible college/seminary level course on church history from the early church to the present. Audio.

Old Testament Theology – Bible college/seminary level course on the Old Testament. Audio.

New Testament Theology – Bible college/ seminary level course on the New Testament. Audio. 

Biblical theology – Bible college/seminary level course on the Bible as a whole. Audio.

Theology Refresh podcast – this podcast from Desiring God ministries regularly features excellent interviews on theological topics. Podcast.

Authors on the line podcast – this podcast from Desiring God ministries interviews Christian authors on recent books and topics. Podcast.

Unbelievable podcast – this podcast often features debates and discussions on apologetic questions. Podcast.

Everyday Church (L) – How everyday Christians can (and must) be on mission in their everyday lives. Book.

Vintage Church (L) – A readable book on various topics relating to church and church leadership. Book.

9 Marks of a Healthy Church (L) – Another readable book on the marks of a healthy church. Book.

Church planter (L) – A short, readable book on the character, gifts, and mission of a church planter. Book.

Centre Church (L) – An in-depth book about constructing a ministry philosophy that is theologically rigorous, shaped by the gospel, and accessible to the church’s culture. Book.

Biblical Eldership (L) – An excellend study of what the Bible teaches about being a pastor/elder. Book.

Biblical Eldership (L) – a short audio series on the qualifications and function of elders/pastors. Audio.

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The Treasure Principle – a short, joyful book on the joy of Biblical giving and storing up treasure in heaven. Book.

Gospel-centred life – a short book on letting the gospel shape all of life. Book.

Gospel-centred church – a short book on letting the gospel shape church. Book.

Dynamics of Christian Spirituality – an accessible audio series to help Christians develop a living relationship with God. Audio.

When People are Big and God is Small – a readable and challenging book about fear of man (also known as peer pressure, co-dependency, or craving others’ approval) and restoring the fear of God. Book.

Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave – a readable, challenging, book rooted in the Scriptures giving a gospel-centred approach to healing from addictions. Book.

Desiring God -a classic book about finding joy, delight and satisfaction in God. Book.

Prayer, meditation, and fasting – audio series by the author of Desiring God, about enjoying intimacy with God. Audio.

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands – classic book on how broken people can help other broken people to change, through the healing power of the gospel. Book.

How People Change – a deeply Biblical and gospel-centred approach to exposing heart issues and growing as a Christian. Book.

Seeing with New Eyes – a great book on how the Scriptures applied to the heart bring about change and transformation. Book.

Future Grace – a classic book on how faith in the gospel leads to battle against sin and growth in holiness. Book.

Spiritual Formation – Bible college/seminary level course about how Christian spiritual growth happens. Audio.

The Practice of the Presence of God – a Christian classic about living all of life in communion with God. Book.

The Imitation of Christ – a Christian classic about love for the Lord Jesus. Book.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart – classic book for parents on shepherding their children. Book.

Gospel-centred Leadership (L) – short book about how the gospel shapes distinctively Christian leadership. Book.

Spiritual Leadership (L) – a classic short book on spiritual leadership. Book.

Dangerous Calling (L) – an insightful and challenging book about some of the particular spiritual dangers of Christian leadership. Book.

Dangerous Calling (L) – three talks given by the author on the above book. Audio.

Dynamics of Spiritual Life (L) – a classic book which surveys the Bible and church history to understand how Christians grow and are renewed, both as individuals and communities. Book.

Total Church training videos: session one, two, three (L) – training videos about how the gospel shapes all that the church does. Video.

Discipleship and gospel-centred pastoral care (Tim Chester): videos one and two (L) – training videos about how the gospel must shape pastoral care and discipleship within church. Video.

Gospel Fluency (L) – a series of excellent talks on what ‘gospel fluency’ is, and how growth as a Christian comes about through gaining fluency in the gospel. Video.

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The World We All Want – an excellent booklet of Bible studies giving an overview of the Bible message. A great resource to read one to one with someone asking questions about Christianity, or wanting to review the basics of the faith. Book.

Disciplines for the Christian Life – a classic book about the ‘Spiritual disciplines’ which help us grow as Christians, no matter what age or stage we are at. Book.

Every Good Endeavour – an accessible book about what the Bible has to say about ‘work’. Book.

Ordering Your Private World – an insightful and challenging book emphasising the need to cultivate one’s ‘inner Spiritual life’, in order to be effective over the long-term in one’s ‘outer life’ in the world. Book.

Margin – a practical book about how to cut out busy-ness in life, and restore health and margin to time, energy, relationships, finances, and so on. Book.

Gospel-Centred Family – a short book showing how the gospel shapes family life. Book.

Gospel-Centred Work – a short book showing how the gospel shapes the way we work. Book.

Questioning Evangelism – a guide to conversational evangelism through learning to ask insightful questions. Book.

Unreached – a thought-provoking book giving guidance for church ministry in socially deprived parts of the UK. Book.

Theology and Practice of Evangelism – Bible college/seminary level course about evangelism. Audio.

Educational Ministry of the church – Bible college/seminary level course about the educational ministry – for both children and adults – within the local church. Audio.

Leading Family Worship – ‘your home is your first church’. Many helpful insights into family worship in this video. Video.

Community (L) – an excellent, practical book about leading and participating in a healthy community group. Book.

Principles of Effective Leadership (L) – Bible college/seminary level course on key principles of leadership. Audio.

Gospel coach (L) – accessible book about coaching and mentoring other leaders. Book.

Redeemer Church Planting Manual (L) – classic church planting manual produced by Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York. Book.

Urban Church Planting (L) – Bible college/seminary level audio series about church planting in urban areas. Audio.

Church leadership principles (Larry Osborne): videos one, two, and three (L) – three very practical videos about faithful long-term church leadership. Video.

Introduction to Public Speaking and Preaching (L) – two audio series on preaching by Bryan Chappell. Video.

The Pastor as Prophet (L) – a four part video series by John Piper on preaching. Video.

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Gospel-Centred Marriage – a short book showing how the gospel shapes marital life. Book.

Leading Family Worship (L) – a conference message by Joel Beeke. Video and Audio.

“Father Hunger” in Leading the Home (L) – a conference message by Douglas Wilson. Video and Audio.

Big Truths for Young Hearts – a book to help parents teach theology to their children. Book.

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Christian Classics

We highly recommend reading classic Christian books written centuries ago. Follow the Christian Classics Reading List developed by Mark Dever and Michael J. Thate.