Our mission is why we exist: We exist to make Jesus famous, loved, and followed.

Our vision is the future we’re moving towards. We want to be a church of Jesus-followers sharing life together on mission, motivated always by the glory of Jesus.

Our values are how we operate. We have three; we’re a gospel-centred church, a disciple-making church, and a simple church.

Grace Church Gateshead exists to make Jesus famous, loved and followed. We began in 2013 as a small group of Jesus’ followers meeting in one another’s living rooms, and then began meeting in rented space on the Gateshead Quayside. In late 2017 we moved to our own building in Bensham.

We are a gospel-centred church with a deep love of the Bible, which tells us of the grand story of Jesus the great Hero who has saved us by his death and guaranteed a glorious future by his life. Come and meet us and you’ll find us to be unremarkable, disappointing, sometimes frustrating, and often awkward. But you’ll find Jesus, whom we follow, to be glorious, forgiving, wise, mighty, and true. Jesus is patient, compassionate, and he is always the same. He’s the reason we exist.

We are a disciple-making church which means that we believe in living as followers and apprentices of Jesus in this world, inviting others to see and participate in this new kind of life.

And we’re a simple church, which means we believe in sharing our lives together as Jesus’ community, and not crowding that with unnecessary busy-ness and activity. We’re a church trying to do life in a way which promotes relationship and community, with all the mess, brokenness, awkwardness, beauty, and joy which that brings.

In short, we’re a church of disciples sharing life together on mission.

For more, read our membership documents, or check out our ‘Mission and Maturity‘ sermon series, which has re-visited our core values. Best of all, come and meet us in person!