30 January 2013

My wife and I recently finished reading Tim Chester’s excellent new book, Unreached: Growing churches in working-class and deprived areas. It’s a very insightful book – drawing on the experience of numerous Christian workers in the reaching the unreached network -that every British Christian should read, and in particular those who live near ‘deprived’ areas (like Gateshead).

Here’s a little quote from the last few pages:

‘Don’t forget that you’re the soil. Jesus is the main sower, not me. He is the sower on my estate. Jesus is sowing through us, but the Word of God does not originate with us. Fruitful gospel ministry does not start with skills or buildings or strategies, but with gospel change in our own hearts. We are the soil. We need the gospel as much as anyone does. Those who know the gospel best can become like the path in the parable, with the gospel just bouncing off us. We can know our gospel outlines, but be hardened to its message’.

Can’t recommend this book highly enough!

This blog post was written by Dan Martin.