Familiarity or faith?

1 August 2013

Last Sunday we saw a clear contrast in Mark 6.1-13 between Jesus’ family and friends on one hand, and his disciples on the other.

Although his hometown family and friends were very familiar with Jesus, they didn’t respond to him with faith. In contrast, his disciples are sent out on their mission just as they are, utterly and explicitly dependent upon God for all their needs. We learn that familiarity doesn’t necessarily lead to faith in Jesus. In fact, familiarity without faith is spiritually deadly.

What makes the difference? Am I growing in my head and my heart? Increasing knowledge about Jesus without also continuing to repent of sin and live by faith amounts to a mere familiarity with Jesus. Jesus doesn’t just call us to know about him – he calls us to follow him each and every day of our lives, just as we are. And that takes faith, an ongoing personal commitment to him as King.

This blog post was written by Dan Martin.