Explicit conference (blog post)

8 March 2013

[Click here to view the conference video summary].

Last week we returned from Explicit, the Acts 29 Europe conference in Cardiff, delighted to have been there and stood with and alongside Christian men and women, church planters and church leaders, from across Europe. Thirteen European countries were represented within this growing network.

There was a general sense that Europe – which from one perspective can feel overwhelmingly bleak – is anticipating a great resurgence in gospel-centred ministry, particularly gospel-centred church plants.

‘Valley Commandos’ was publicly launched, a new initiative to plant churches all across the notoriously deprived welsh valleys, once the hotspring of Welsh revivals. Led by a coalition of leaders from SaRang church in Korea, WEST, and Highfields church, more details can be found here (be sure to watch their video). There was also the exciting announcement of partnerships between FIEC and Acts 29, and between WEST and Porterbrook /Acts 29. The latter means that there will be a theological college campus opening in Sheffield in September 2014, which will be able to train people theologically for missional church ministry and leadership, right from ‘grass roots’ level through to postgraduate and doctorate level. Praise God for all these wonderful developments!

We are so delighted to be one of many churches and church plants standing shoulder to shoulder for the fame of Jesus, in Acts 29 Europe.

This blog post was written by Dan Martin.