Deep: Definite Atonement

21 August 2014

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Time: Registration from 9-9:30am, The day will formally close at 4:30pm

Venue: East London Tabernacle – TBC

Organising body: Acts 29 Europe

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Deep days provide ‘deep theology for church planting’. Open to both church leaders and congregational members, Deep days are designed to take Christians further in their theological understanding to equip them for their involvement in churches that plant churches.

Definite atonement it is at the heart of the meaning of the cross. An atonement symbolised by the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for the sheep provides pastoral riches of motivation, joyful obedience, and perseverance for pastor and people alike. The drama of the Son-King who was promised the nations as his inheritance also adds impetus for global missions and church planting.

Acts 29 Europe, in partnership with Porterbook Network, is pleased to welcome the editors of the recently published book ‘From Heaven He Came and Sought Her’.

“A massive product of exact and well-informed scholarship . . . with landmark significance . . . I give this book top marks for its range of solid scholarship, cogency of argument, warmth of style, and zeal for the true glory of God. I recommend it most highly.” J. I. Packer, Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College.

The doctrine of definite atonement lies at the heart of reformed theology; historically referred to as “limited atonement” the doctrine has always courted controversy. The doctrine has often been accused of distorting the love of God, destroying the biblical mandate for evangelism and robing the believer of personal assurance. But there is no need for any awkwardness. Definite atonement belongs at the heart of the bible’s message.

This deep day will unpack the doctrine providing insights from a Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective. The day will be made up of four sessions, each with opportunity for Q&A:

  1. Sacred Theology and the Reading of the Divine Word: Mapping the Doctrine of Definite Atonement
  2. For Whom Did Christ Die? Particularism and Universalism in Paul’s Atonement Theology
  3. The Glorious, Indivisible Trinitarian Work of God in Christ: Definite Atonement in Paul’s Salvation Theology
  4. Missions and the Cure of Souls: Pastoral Implications of Definite Atonement


David Gibson (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is minister of Trinity Church in Aberdeen, Scotland. Previously he served as a UCCF staff worker and as an assistant minister.

Jonathan Gibson (PhD, University of Cambridge) is an independent scholar at Tyndale House, Cambridge, where he is currently writing a biblical theology course called “The Story of a Kingdom”. He studied theology at Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia.

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This blog post was written by Dan Martin.